Productive Partnerships

Siena holds the belief that parents contribute significantly to improving student outcomes with their active involvement in the school.  There are many opportunities for parents to be involved at a class, community and parent body level.  Research shows that your time enriches and accelerates your child's learning.

We have a combined Primary/College parent body across the two schools.  The normal executive positions exist in this body.  There are a number of sub groups or committees which assist in specific areas to support identified needs across both schools. Outlined below are the roles of each of these groups.


Classroom Assistance

Class teachers regularly seek assistance with Reading, Spelling, special days and class liturgies.

Library Assistance

​The library welcomes parents to assist with re-shelving and covering books.

Tuckshop Assistance

Assisting in the tuckshop with the preparation of lunches, morning tea and cleaning up is always welcome.

Special Events

Throughout the year there are the following social activities that rely on parent assistance – Welcome BBQ, Trivia Night, Race Day.

Sporting Activities

There is a regular number of sporting activities each year that rely on parent assistance – swimming carnivals, cross country, athletics, rugby, netball, touch.

​Uniform Shop Assistance​ ​The Uniform Shop is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings through the year and at extra times at the beginning and end of each year.  They are always seeking parents to assist.
​Class Excursions ​Parents wishing to go on class excursions are required to have attended the Parent Volunteer Training workshop.
​Working Bee Assistance ​ ​Throughout the year there are a number of Working Bees where we are dependent on the skills and workforce of parents to complete a number of minor maintenance jobs/projects.
​Class Parent Rep ​ ​Each class has a parent rep to assist with supporting the class teacher in building collaborative relationships within the school. Class Reps liaison with the class teachers to support the teacher with different class and school activities.  School Class Reps meet with the principal once a term.
Parents and Friends ​​ ​There are various roles to be filled on the P & F each year – President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Social Convenor, etc.  Meetings are held the third Tuesday every month and all parents are welcome to attend.
Schools Board ​​ ​This is our governing school body. This board operates from a pastoral model not a business model and it requires parents to attend a Pre Training session to be a member.  It is a commitment of a minimum of a three year term.
​Finance Committee​ ​​ Provides a consultation process to address school financial issues, assists in the monitoring of school finances, supports the principal with planning and management of school finances, and monitors and approves an annual school budget.  Finance Committee meets once a term.
​Tuckshop Committee ​ ​​Committee meets once a term to assist with the management and monitoring of the school tuckshop.  The purpose of the tuckshop is to provide healthy and appealing food for both primary and secondary campuses, prices are kept within reason and the provider returns a percentage of the profit to the school.


Both parents and staff form these groups and develop goals to assist the school in providing a quality Catholic education.  Meetings are held on a needs basis during the year.  Parent contributions assist in building healthy partnerships and a strong sense of school community here at Siena.