St Catherine


As we know Catherine was a woman of the fourteenth century who was born in Siena as a younger member of a large family.  The times were difficult; not only were people fighting each other but also many suffered diseases.

Catherine is a woman of COURAGE; she chose to follow a path of following God - something her family did not understand.  They wanted her to be married.  Even though her mother forced her to be the 'maid' in the house, Catherine conscientiously and contentedly did as she was asked.  Catherine would go into her mind to pray while working - she made it like a 'room' inside her.

Catherine is a woman of WISDOM.  She had experienced God's looking after her and this meant she knew God answered prayer.  When she was in a dangerous situation when travelling by ship, she trusted in God and prayed for them to be safe .... and it was so.

Catherine is a woman of LOVE; through her prayer, she was often able to change the hearts of those for whom she prayed.  It did not concern her if the person's initial reaction was to remain as someone who would disturb the peace.  Her payer would, through no effort of the person for whom she prayed, make a difference.  Her love for all broke down all barriers; those whose hearts were changed would often reward Catherine.  She shared these rewards to benefit others.

Catherine is a woman of COMPASSION.  Catherine did not have anything of her own but with her father's permission, shared what her family had with the poor.  It came to her attention that there were those very much in need who would not come and knock on the door to ask for help because they were afraid.  One morning, she took what she could find and went off to the house of these poor people.  She left what she had for them and hurried away. 

As a school, we appreciate that these are just a few of the qualities for which St Catherine of Siena is known.  We continue to explore who she is .... we look for ways to be more like her in our day to day interactions.