The school is set on 12 hectares shared with Siena Catholic College and St Catherine's Church.  Buildings have been master planned in design to reflect the waves of the coast with all buildings having curved roofs.  Each block has leaning verandahs to provide shaded walkways along all classrooms. 
Primary buildings are named after national parks and are set in landscaped areas to allow children to gather, interact and appreciate their natural surrounds. 
The school is well equipped with technology to be used across the whole school as an integral part of learning and teaching. 
The school library is centrally located for ease of access.  Sporting facilities exist that provide a variety of spaces for skills to be developed and games to be played.
The Daintree building is our communal gathering area.  This is an enclosed area with stage, kitchen and additional rooms.  Weekly school assemblies are held in the Daintree and this is a facility used for social events and special gatherings. 
The school has two set playground areas equipped with stuctures suitable for Early and Middle Years students.  Multi Purpose courts are used for Basketball, Netball, Tennis and PE lessons.  Our school oval is highly regarded on the coast as one of the best playing fields. 
When driving into the Siena site both Primary and College buildings are easily recognised by the different roof colours; Primary is Mountain Blue and the College is Manor Red.