About us

‚ÄčOur Story

Siena Catholic Primary School opened in 2002 and rapidly grew in numbers to become a well established co-educational school of 633 students. The school shares the same site as Siena Catholic College with a total of 1430 students across both campuses. Both Siena Catholic Primary and Siena Catholic College operate as separate schools, but we gather together for special occasions throughout the year.

The school has created a culture of Prayer, Care and Learning in every aspect of the school's operations. Prayer is heard throughout the school at 9.00am each day, Care has become a quality in all aspects of relationships with students, parents and teachers. Our core purpose of existing is to focus and promote Learning opportunities for all children.

Family is an important part of who we are. As a school family we promote opportunities to engage families in the daily activities of school life. Parents contributing to the learning activities of their children has shown to increase children's levels of attainment, therefore we embrace parent participation in class activities, school celebrations and the different parent bodies.

Siena Catholic Primary School is a three stream school. Classes are regrouped each year to allow regular change to occur with social groupings and teacher experiences.

School with Spirit

Siena Catholic Primary School has been able to create a warm and welcoming school atmosphere. Our focus as a school is on making school a safe and enjoyable experience. Being connected with Siena Catholic College makes Siena a convenient school for both primary and secondary education. St Catherine of Siena is an integral model to the qualities we foster in creating our charism as a school.