Issues of Concern

Schools are busy places and every day is full of activities.  Children experience issues in their daily experiences at school and we work with children in building their resilience in being able to deal with the issues they experience.

First and foremost with issues is communication.  With children we focus on being able to express themselves so they are able to verbalise to their peers, their teacher and parents what it is that is creating the concern.  If children are unable to resolve issues within their daily interactions with their peers by expressing  their concerns about the issues confronting them in the correct manner then their next point of reference is an adult in the school.  This may be the teacher on duty or their class teacher.  Dealing with issues on the day is important to allow all surrounding facts to be collected before any opinion or action is taken.

If children report incidents to parents without having informed an adult on the day our school procedure is to touch base with your child's teacher first before making any reactions.  There are always two sides to the story and children generally provide their side to their parents.

Parent issues of concern need to be handled with respect and dignity.  Again the teacher is the first point of contact with student issues as teachers are their main carer for the day.  In dealing with issues it is asked that respect of teachers responsibilities to their class is considered.  Teachers need to be contacted for appointments to be made and pre-warned of the issue you wish to discuss to allow preparations to be made.  Contacting the school office for such appointments is required.

Issues of major concern need to be directed to the Assistant Principal with regard to student incidents and to the Principal in relation to teacher performance issues of concern. 

You can access Brisbane Catholic Education's Student, Parent and Guardian's Complaint Management Policy on their website at the following location: