Building Names

​Each of the buildings have been named after a National Park in different areas of Australia.  The thinking behind this concept was to raise awareness of the different natural environment's we have as a country - desert, coast, rainforest, island, mountains etc.  Raising this awareness may increase knowledge of these locations and the different environments we have as a country. 


Building names are:

                                 ​Cradle Mountain - Prep

                                   Coorong - Year 1

                                   Kakadu - Year 2 & 3

                                   Stradbroke - Year 3 & 4

                                   Nullarbor - Year 4 & 5

                                   K'gari​ - Year 6 / Student Support

                                   Daintree - Multi Purpose Hall

                                   Uluru - Library

                                   Kosciuszko - Administration


The positioning of the buildings represents a journey with the children's learning as they enter the school site.  This commences at Cradle Mountain with Prep and continues in a half circle to the other buildings with Uluru (Library) being in the centre of the school for easy access.  The administration (Kosciusko) is at the front of all the buildings as the first point of contact for people entering the site.  People need to be mindful that the Siena site has separate Primary and College Administration on the one site.  All primary buildings have blue roofs and the College has red roofs.