Our tuckshop operates every day of the week.  This is a shared facility across both the College and Primary Schools.

A catering company manages Siena tuckshop. A manager, with assistants, is responsible for overall running and management of the tuckshop. Parental assistance is critical for the tuckshop to be able to run at a profit.  This is a great way to meet other parents and to learn some news skills associated with food preparation and customer service.

Our Tuckshop operates to:
a) provide an enjoyable and nutritious menu
b) assist in developing positive eating habits
c) raise funds to aid the development of the school.
Menus are sent home through the newsletter at the commencement of each semester. It is necessary for orders to be written on a brown paper bag, with the child’s name and class.
e.g. Charlie Brown

                    Class: 3R
                    Order: 1 Chicken Burger     $1.10
                    1 Chocolate Milk                  ​$ .70

The money is put in the bag and then placed in the class tuckshop box on arrival at school. Children in the Early Years (Year One and Year Two) classes order all items on the paper bag and then collect icy items on presentation of their paper bag when they have eaten their main food. If a Year One or Two child is ordering ‘icy food’ only, this still needs to be written on a paper bag and put in the tuckshop box on arrival at school. No Year One or Year Two child takes money to the tuckshop. Children from other Year levels may order their ‘icy’ food this way too; the ‘paper bags’ are given priority service.


Orders may also be placed by accessing the Flexischools online ordering system.  Please click here.


Parents are reminded of the impact food has on children’s behaviour.  Providing of foods that are nutritious and natural will be more beneficial to their development than foods containing salts, sugars and artificial colourings.

Please contact the Tuckshop on Ph:  5477 3049 if you have any questions or concerns. ​