The heart of our school is the library, a place where everyone is welcome and has equal access. Every class has a weekly borrowing time, which also includes a teaching and learning time with the school’s teacher librarian. We have wonderful access to technology, including a class set of iPads that we use in our library learning time. The children are also able to spend time in the library at lunch times, where mobilo, lego, games, puzzles, colouring in and construction activities are available. The library is a very busy and happy place for the children to be.

Borrowing days for 2015 are:

Tuesday:        Year 2 and Year 3
Wednesday:   Year 1 and Year 4
Thursday:       Year 5 and Year 6
Friday:            Prep

Children on a home reading program (typically Years 1 – 5) are able to select their home readers for the week during their borrowing time. Children are also able to choose from a large selection of picture books, junior non-fiction books, fiction and non-fiction books. Children in Year 6 & 7 are also able to borrow from a senior fiction area. Children are able to borrow up to 6 books per week and will need to have a library bag when they do so.

There is also a small parent library which parents are welcome to browse and borrow from.

Our library is staffed by a full time teacher librarian, and two part time aides. We are open from 8.30am until 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 8.30am until 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Click here to visit our library cataloguing page, where you are able to search for books we have in our library. This will also give you access to World Book Online, an electronic encyclopaedia that is available to all members of our school community via annual subscription.