Enrolment Policy/Procedures


Siena Catholic Primary School is administered by Brisbane Catholic Education and their Policy Statement (June 2004) for Enrolment of Students in Catholic Schools is as follows:
“Catholic schools in the Archdiocese give priority in enrolment to students who are baptised Catholics.  Schools may also enrol students from other faith traditions whose families demonstrate that they share in the expressed values of the school.  In such instances schools embrace church teachings regarding respect for the faith journey of individuals within the religious dimension of school life. 
 The process of enrolment is to be guided by principles of justice and equity that support Catholic ethos and vision.”


An enrolment policy exists to assist in developing expectations at the point of inquiry and entry. Guiding principles are set to assist the Principal with demands placed on places available in the school.  Brisbane Catholic Education policies, regulations and guidelines are followed at a school level.
Applicants will be considered as follows:
1.      Priority for an enrolment interview is given in the following order to –
  • the brother or sister of a student currently/previously enrolled at Siena
  • baptised Catholic students
  • non-Catholic students
2.      When the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, the following will be considered –
  • Church/faith commitment (you may be invited to complete a form through which the applicant’s and family’s Church / faith commitment can be outlined and parish registration verified – this also applies to members of a non-Catholic faith community).
  •  Previous commitment to Catholic primary
  •  Proximity to the school
  •  Parental expectations
  •  Student’s attitude to learning and his/her academic progress to date
  •  Willingness to share in the expressed values of the school
  •  Other relevant factors
3.      Students likely to require special provisions (e.g. special resources and/or a modified program and/or teacher-aide support) will be considered in accordance with the procedures defined in the Students with Special Educational Needs handbook (Brisbane Catholic Education).
4.      Children enrolling need to meet the required age requirements for entry: 
  • Prep:  Children enrolling for Prep Year must turn 5 by 30 June in the year they will complete Prep.​
  • Year 1 – 6:  children will be placed in age appropriate classes according to Queensland age requirements with consideration given to aligning their years of schooling.   
5.      Enrolment at Siena Catholic Primary School does not guarantee enrolment at Siena Catholic College. A new application needs to be lodged the year before commencing at Siena Catholic College.
6.      Enrolment at the Primary School is at the discretion of the principal.


Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Siena Catholic Primary School. Please find the link below to our online application for enrolment.
You will need to click on the link, enter and review the required details, complete and submit the form, before your application will be submitted. You will then be contacted regarding the next steps.
If applying for enrolment for more than one student, when the form is completed there will be an option available to submit another enrolment for each additional student.
Please contact us directly, should you experience any difficulty completing the online application for enrolment.

Click here to access our online Enrolment Application Form.  (Applications for enrolments beyond 2020​ will not be processed. Please only complete an online enrolment for 2019 and 2020)

In addition to the completed online application for your child, a number of supporting documents will also be needed. Please forward copies of the following:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate (if baptised)
  • Enrolment Questionnaire - Please print and complete Enr Questionnaire.pdfEnr Questionnaire.pdf 
  • Last two school reports and NAPLAN report(s) (as applicable)
  • Any medical or learning reports
  • And if noted in your application:
    • Legal Documentation
    • Medical Action Plan
    • Student Specialist Assessments​
​​​Documentation may be returned via:
Please Note: submission of an application does not guarantee an enrolment place.


After lodging an Enrolment Application, you will receive an email verifying lodgement of your application. Parents will then be contacted and invited to attend an enrolment interview if and when places become available. It is important that your child/ren who are enrolling attend this interview.

Prep Enrolments

Families with students who are age appropriate for Prep 2021 please contact the school by email or telephone to register you name on our mailing list. 

e:  psipenrolments@bne.catholic.edu                    p:  07 5445 3399

Enrolments for Prep 2022 and beyond please contact the school office 18 months prior to your child beginning, applicati​ons will not be accepted at this time.

 Year 1 – Year 6 Enrolments

Parents with children requiring enrolment in Year 1 – Year 6 please follow the instructions to complete an online application.

***N.B. Siena Catholic Primary School experiences very high demand for enrolments in all year levels. The school is currently at capacity and there are waiting lists in all year levels. Completion and return of the enrolment application will ensure your name is placed on our waiting list. If you require further information please contact the school office.***

p:  07 5445 3399 / e: :  07 5445 3399 / e: psipenrolments@bne.catholic.edu.au


Prep Year

1. Applications for enrolment in the Prep Year at Siena Catholic Primary School can be made one year prior to entry. Please contact the school office by telephone or email to register your name on our mailing list for Prep intake.  Registration of interest must be received no later than February of the year prior to beginning Prep.
The school office will begin registering names for the mailing list approximately 18 months prior to a child's eligibility to attend i.e. Prep 2020 - expressions of interest will be accepted from July 2018. Application packages will be sent to all families on our mailing list by mid March.  Please do not use the online form from this site. A $60 non-refundable application fee is required for all applications. 
2.  Family interviews are held with the Principal during Term 2 of the year prior to eligibility for attending.
3. Places will be offered (in writing) during June. A $100 Confirmation of Enrolment fee is required to confirm this placement. The confirmation fee is refunded at the end of your child’s enrolment at Siena Catholic Primary School.
4. Orientation days will be held for all new Prep Year children during Term 4.
5.  An evening for New Parents is held during Term 4.
1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014
1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017
1 July 2017 to​ 30 June 2018
Years 1 – 6
1.      Applications for enrolment may submitted from this site. A $60 non-refundable application fee is required for all applications.
2.      A family interview will be held with the principal when a position becomes available.
3.      Copies of birth, baptism, and immunisation certificates need to be provided, along with copies of sacraments received, recent school reports or letters from your child’s previous school.
4.      Confirmation of enrolment will be by letter, a $100 Confirmation of Enrolment fee is required to confirm placement. The confirmation fee is refunded at the end of your child’s enrolment at Siena Catholic Primary School. An offer of enrolment needs to be accepted within two weeks of the enrolment interview.